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Our Story

When Veronica founded Honeycomb Homebuyer, she did it to secure a future for her family. It started with a duplex on Creek Road that she remodeled herself (with a little help from her husband). Now it’s a decade of experience navigating the complexities of distressed or disputed or downright disastrous real property.

You know that selling a house or land can be complicated for infinite reasons and Veronica knows it too. It takes a lot out of you to sell the home you grew up in. Raised kids in. Or the one your parents left to you and your siblings. It’s taxing to pick up and move when you just settled down.

Honeycomb is here to make that process—whatever it may be—as simple and easy as possible. We help homeowners get out of sticky situations like foreclosure, owning a burdensome rental property, a probate house, troublesome tenants, or really anything else. We’d like to say we’ve seen it all, but we’re still surprised once in awhile—and that’s when we do our best work.

Honeycomb Homebuyer is a family-owned business that finds solutions for homeowners no matter what situation they’re facing.

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For the fed up landlords or busy property investors out there:

Have you ever wondered, “How do I turn my unwanted or unused or unprofitable property into cash?”

Of course not. That’s not something most of us think about while looking up into the night sky or hiking up Millcreek. More likely is that you’re fine 360 days out of the year, but then you read about our out of control real estate bubble, or a bad tenant vandalizes all the walls in your condo after getting evicted, or you inherit a vacant lot you’d love to do something with someday but never will.

That’s where Honeycomb Homebuyer comes in. We’re the Ellis Island of real estate investors. Is your property tired? Poor? Full of wretched refuse? Don’t worry, we’re interested and judgment-free.

Take your worries, your hassles, your wishful thinking and turn it all into cash.

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