Realtor Fees are a Tax
On the uninformed

Pocket the realtor’s fee yourself. Get a no-commission cash offer for your property that closes in days—not months.*

Time to Cash In?

Tell us about your property and we’ll tell you how much extra you could make by selling now.

Why homeowners trust Honeycomb Home Buyer


Your House is Worth Over $100,000
More Than Last Year

Here’s why that’s a bad thing:

No Inventory

The Wasatch Front has always had a housing shortage, but there are 64% fewer listed homes than last year. That’s nuts.

Low Interest Rates

New buyers are flooding the market before The Fed raises interest rates again. Forecasters have them doing so twice—soon.

Remote Work

Everybody knows Utah is an amazing place to live, but now their jobs allow them to do something about it.


What you can do about it?

Sell Now!

Unless you’ve forgotten 2008, you know that property values don’t increase forever. The only way to pocket the extra equity pumping into your home is to liquify it. And if you purchased your home in 2020 or earlier, then you’ll walk away with an extra $100 grand when you do.

Sell to Wasatch Cash

If you decide to cash in on this over-inflated market, then we hope you’ll consider talking to us. Why? Because all our offers are cash, and we always close as fast as superhumanly possible. You’ll never be stuck holding the bag when the market flips.

If the End is Near,
Why is Wasatch Cash Buying?

That’s the smartest question anyone visiting this page can ask. The answer is that we don’t make our money off market speculation.

We keep the lights on by adapting to the market in ways most families can’t.


We put a lot of money into all our purchases to make properties as valuable as possible regardless of the economy or real estate market.


If the bubble pops while we’re holding a home, we’ll convert it into a rental property to defray the costs of holding it.

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Good for Us. But Why Should You Care?

Because we’ll be as up front and transparent with your offer as we were above.

Visit any other cash for homes site that serves Salt Lake City and you’ll notice they’re almost all exactly the same. And despite the wall of text that greets you, you’ll come no nearer to understanding your options even if you read every word.

How Wasatch Cash Works

We perfected the art of evaluating houses and closing fast so you get the cash you deserve when you want it—not weeks or months later.

Step 1
Call Us or Request an Offer Online

We can start building your offer in less than 3 minutes!

Step 2
Walk the Property

You can meet us in-person or send a few photos.

Step 3
Review Your Offer

We’ll walk you through any questions you may have.

Step 4
Pick a Date

We’ll close whenever you want—as fast as 10 days or any time later.